InuYasha in Rut

Artist Wanted

I am writing a children's book, and need an illustrator. I have contacts for getting the book published. I am not looking for a comic book or manga style, you must be able to draw/pain in a softer, child-friendly style.

If you are an artist, or aspiring artist who is interested, please respond to this post and I will fill in the details.
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InuYasha in Rut

Writer's Block: Bite Me

From Dr. Polidori's Lord Ruthven to Stephenie Meyer's Edward Cullen, the annals of vampire lore are filled with attractive, charming bloodsuckers. Which one would you most want to be bitten by?
For me, it will always be Lestat de Lioncourt. He is the wildest, sexiest, vampire of them all. A rockstar, passionate, powerful...inspiration for my rockstar InuYasha. I like my men dangerous, and Lestat with his unpredictability fits the bill...LOL
InuYasha in Rut

Reviewers on make me laugh sadly...

I posted "Lessons in Babysitting," my entry in the ed_ficlets contest, at I always put in the summaries of my contest stories that this is a contest piece, and which contest it was written for. Obviously, some of my readers don't pay attention! Hence alerts I get on one shots (which I know many on my f-list get as well).  This is someone new who discovered me at

Her review on "Lessons in Babysitting."

From: PokemonCG

Aww, I liked that, very kawaii. Haha, I'm cureous to see your take on
Inuyasha as a father xD (assuming I'm interpreting Kagome's puking correctly)
My only complaint is that it was too good for its length; just as I was really
enjoying it, it ended! I look foreward to reading you're future chapters
(please tell me there's gonna be more), InuyashaxKagome forever!

Ah well, hate to disappoint - but a one shot is a one shot! I have enough unfinished stories to finish, and no plans on turning any one shots into chapter fics - I need to do that like I need a hole in the head! ::facepalm::

EDIT: Just looked at her profile, she is 13. Still, no excuse, she is a writer as well and if so should be a careful reader...but I will cut her some slack! I could be her mother!

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InuYasha in Rut

Post Manga Canon I/K Overload......

iyhedonism  Wrote a silly/sexy drabble for the "Quickie" Prompt  (I/K post manga canon)

iy_themes Wrote a serious drabble for the "Sin" theme (I/K post manga canon)

ed_ficlets Wrote a humorous but WAFFy ficlet for the "Touche" prompt (I/K post manga canon)

firsttweak Wrote a piece of WAFF for the "Ink" prompt (I/K post manga canon)

Umm, I blame knittingknots for this LOL! Nah, just kidding! It is just so easy fro me to write PMC I/K. But I need to get back to my chapter fics, and maybe write a round of Mir/San PMC entries for the next contests....hmmm.

Why Me?

My Son is Too Rambunctious....

My very active 6 years old insists on sitting on my back and jumping on me....

At moment like this I wish his Daddy were around...or at least Owen to jump on! Sheesh!

I love him, but I can't wait until he goes to bed.....
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InuYasha in Rut

EEP! Okay, Who Nominated This Story? I Want to Thank Them!

Just got this - what a shock but a really nice one!

Reviewed By: Eikyuu Kosai Awards [MediaMiner Member]  On: July 03, 2009 19:21 CDT
Congratulations! Your fic has been nominated for Best Lemon at Eikyuu Kosai, the Miroku/Sango Fandom Awards. Established in 2009, this group strives to recognize those outstanding pieces of fanfiction and art from the Inuyasha universe, which put special emphasis on the Mir/San pairing. Twice a year, our members come together to nominate and vote in 17 different categories, including a special ‘Hidden Treasure’ award, for those gems that might have been missed the first time around. To learn more about Eikyuu Kosai, please visit Our current slate of nominations can be found here: Nominations run from July 1 - July 14th, 2009, with voting from July 18 - July 31st, 2009. To pick up your nominee banner, please follow this link: 009.jpg Congratulations once again, and please feel free to join in the proceedings! **Please note: you may receive this notification multiple times on the same fic, if it has been nominated into different categories.**

Maybe I should write more Mir/San....I find myself drawn to them in post manga canon recently. I feel a lot of stories there, waiting to be written. I know I will be writing more of them for the contests, maybe even may do them for a 36iyerotictales paring (If I ever finish my I/K tales, and if the community stays alive...).

EDIT: Just joined the mirsanawards on LJ and saw "Wet Dreams," was nominated for Best Lemon too! Thanks to luxken27 and psyco_chick32 for the nominations! They are not on my friends list, but I know them from the communities!

InuYasha in Rut

No Wank Here....Thought My F-List Might Like That

I joined paynesgrey 's new community, iy_bsides today. I thought that was very timely, cause I really need to concentrate more on my chapter fics. I did get another chapter of TWITJD done and posted, and want to work on FLML next.

Other's I have to finish:

"Shippo's First Rut," Needs about 2 more chapters and it is done - got some reviews on it recently, poor negelcted little story...

"The Next Generation," My sequel to "Sesshomaru's Revenge/A Rage Between Brother." I only did 2 chapters in nearly 2 years!

"To Love and Protect," Another story with only 2 chapters, one EBM started way back in 2003 - very dark and angsty, and not so easy for me to write anymore....

"Reunited," A piece of porn that is only one chapter...

"The Secret Garden," a contest entry AU fic with potential....

"On the Mountain," My Miroku before the InuTachi piece of porn.

Um, with the other 2 that makes EIGHT unfinished stories! EEK! Got a lot of writing to do...::facepalm::
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