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Roxotaku's Anime FanFic Musings

Smut, Smut and More Smut

2 May 1966
Hentai Banner

I'm a hopefully-to-be-divorced-soon, working, mother of one five year old son. I live in the North East Coast of USA. This journal is for my writing and any other random thoughts on topics I find interesting.

A bit more about how I started writing hentai InuYasha fanfics, my current obsession: When I was in my last trimester of pregnancy, about June of '03, I was heavily into watching anime, especially InuYasha on Adult Swim. While bored at work one day, I had this vision of InuYasha grabbing Kagome and screwing the living daylights out of her. Probably because I wasn't getting any because I was pregnant and HUGE - LOL. It turned into my first story, "The Unexpected" which was originally a PWP that I actually turned into a comedy and finished recently. At the same time I started reading Hentai fanfics on the net and decided to post my stories. They appeared on AdultFanFiction.net first, and can now be found there, on MediaMiner.org, Eternal Destiny, and InuYasha FanFiction. But all of them are only on MM.org and AFF.net. I am obsessed with Inu/Kag lemons - reading and writing them.

I joined LJ specifically to be part of the great InuYasha community, and especially to join InuErotica, which I am part of. I love the contest and writing communities, and now have 2 of my own. Livejournal and the InuYasha fandom are my social life, and I am not too proud to say it! I love it here!